Create a Short URL

What are Short Links?

Short links, or vanity URLs, redirect to longer URLs that might be hard to read or remember. For example, the short link would redirect the user to the lengthier URL,

Link Shortener Rules

This service allows users to create random URLs such as and custom ones like You will need to sign in with your Identikey and password before you start using the service. However, you may use any of the already created links shown in the table below. 

Random short links are only allowed to redirect one of these pre-approved domains. You may use your short link immediately once it's been created. Custom short links can redirect to any website and have a custom path name, however, there is an approval process to verify that these links are appropriate for the university. This process may take up to a few business days.


View all the Short URLs

Here are the short URLs that have been created. You may search for a keyword or for a long URL to see if it's already been shortened.

Short URL Original URL Clicks
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